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RiverSoftAVG seeks beta testers

Open Beta of Object Inspector Component Suite for Delphi 6/7

July 9, 2003 -- RiverSoftAVG announces the beginning of the beta program for the Object Inspector Component Suite for Delphi 6 and 7.  The RiverSoftAVG Object Inspector for Delphi 6 and 7 is an advanced visual component for providing a Delphi-like Object Inspector component to your programs.  The Object Inspector Component Suite has the following features:

bullet100% Source Code (BETA Testers do not receive source)
bulletIncludes Object Inspector Component and TRSItemListEditor Component (a Hierarchical TValueListEditor-like component for displaying TStrings, where each name=value item is a row in the object inspector and where the name may be a path, e.g., "Font.Name=Courier")
bulletInspect One Object or Multiple Objects at Once (Like Delphi) at design-time or run-time
bulletComes with property editors for enumerations, sets, fonts, collections, TStrings, Dates and Time, TPicture, etc
bulletModify property editors (called Property Presets) at design-time and run-time
bulletUse an Inplace Collection Editor (Items are embedded in the object inspector like regular TPersistent properties, please see the screenshot at top of page) and Regular Collection Editor
bulletControl each property individually for visibility, read-only, font, hint, name alias, and more
bulletAdd "Calculated" properties (e.g., fake properties) at design-time or run-time

Interested parties should visit www.RiverSoftAVG.com/object_inspector.htm

For More Information Contact:
web: www.RiverSoftAVG.com 
email: sales@RiverSoftAVG.com

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