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RiverSoftAVG announces KICKOFF promotion discount for Inference Engine Component Suite v2.0 for Delphi 5/6/7

KICKOFF Promotion Discount for Inference Engine Component Suite for Delphi 5/6/7

September 28th, 2003 -- RiverSoftAVG is pleased to announce that in honor of the release of its new Object Inspector Component Suite (http://www.RiverSoftAVG.com/object_inspector.htm), it is offering a 10% off promotion on ALL products, including the Inference Engine Component Suite (IECS) for Delphi 5, 6, and 7.  The Inference Engine Component Suite (IECS) is the powerful Delphi component suite for adding rule-based intelligence and fuzzy logic to your programs.  This professional suite provides expert system (rule-based) programming from within the Borland Delphi environment.  Extremely extensible and easy to use, the Inference Engine Component Suite allows you to add expert systems or scripting quickly and intuitively to your programs.  The Inference Engine suite is perfect for adding business rules to your database program, artificial intelligence to your games, or scripting capabilities to any program! 

To receive your 10% off, enter KICKOFF in the coupon code box of the order page.  Promotional discounts end October 30th, 2003.

The Inference Engine Component Suite provides Delphi developers with the following benefits:

bullet100% Native Object Pascal code for Delphi 5, 6, and 7
bulletRapid Application Development of Expert Systems Programs
bulletFuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems!
bulletRoyalty Free Distribution of your programs!
bulletFast Execution
bulletDatabase support through TDataSource and TDataSet components! (Delphi
Pro/Ent Only)
bulletEasy to use and extensible components
bulletCLIPS compatible files
bulletOver 100 objects and components, over 3 MB of context-sensitive help, and over 250 different functions

For Delphi 5, 6, 7 only.  Database support requires Delphi Professional or Enterprise.

For More Information Contact:

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