Creating Icons and Launchers for Delphi Mobile Applications – Redux Redux (Reloaded?)


Several years back, I created a handy little utility (EXE and source) for generating all of the mobile icons, spotlights, settings and launchers for Delphi Android and iOS applications. When I started, there were 2 different platforms (iOS and Android), 3 different device types (iPhone, iPad, Android), and 7 different ratios (1:1, 1.33:1, etc) of icon/launcher graphic sizes all combining to require a whopping total of 28 different png files to be created. There was an update a year later to get it up to 37 files. Now, with the kind contribution of Gregor Kobler, I am posting a new version that adds even more ratios and pushes the number of files up to 54. It has also been updated to compile with Delphi Rio.

Please read the original blog post for instructions.  You can download the source and exe here.

Happy CodeSmithing!

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