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public interface


Defines the interface for a genetic programming component that can execute genetic programs as well as read and write them


The IRSGeneticProgramEngine<T> is a generic interface. There can be multiple versions of this interface based on type T.

public interface


Defines an interface for a genetic programming reader and writer, i.e., an object that can read genetic programming problems from file, stream, or xml and write genetic programming problems to file, stream or xml.


A genetic programming reader/writer reads and writes the metadata about instructions (i.e., name, arity, comment) but does not actually read or write the OnExecute code themselves. After reading a genetic programming scenario, you need to add OnExecute event handlers to instructions.

alert_cautionImportant Note

When reading a genetic programming scenario, the reader will attempt to match currently existing instructions to instruction names in the scenario. IF an instruction is found, the instruction will be preserved (including its OnExecute event).

After reading the scenario, any previous instructions not found in the scenario will be deleted.


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