Creating Icons and Launchers for Delphi Mobile Applications – Redux

About a year ago, I blogged about a handy little utility (EXE and source) I created for generating all of the mobile icons, spotlights, settings and launchers for Delphi Android and iOS applications.  At the time, there were 2 different platforms (iOS and Android), 3 different device types (iPhone, iPad, Android), and 7 different ratios (1:1, 1.33:1, etc) of icon/launcher graphic sizes all combining to require a whopping total of 28 different png files to be created.  GraphicsTab

Fast forward a year, there have been 2 updates to Delphi in the time (adding 2 more ratios and a total of 37 files).  Graham Murt kindly updated the utility for XE6/7 and added the great little feature of persisting your choices in an ini file between executions.  I extended his update a little bit for the Android Splash Images and persisting the rectangles as well and am re-releasing our changes back to you.   Please read the original blog post for instructions.  You can download the source and exe here.

Happy CodeSmithing!

Note: In some ways, this utility complements the XE Plus Pack – Release 17 that just released.  However, the utility takes another approach by using images you create in Photoshop or some other tool (allowing more flexibility) and then generates all the different ratios quickly and easily.

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