What is a good blog (and blogger) to me?

What makes a good blog?  What blogs, and bloggers, do I like and why?  This question gained extra relevancy for me recently as I have seen some examples of what I believe are not good blogs.  To me, a good blog is not:

  • a list of recanned company advertisements designed to push traffic to your web site
  • a series of articles that just republishes common information on the web
  • a retweet of someone else’s blog
  • a pseudo spambot for filling up your RSS feeds with multiple posts per day
  • relentlessly negative about Delphi

To me, a good blog provides articles that either educate or entertain.  They provide new perspectives on issues or new information.  They share the hard-earned wisdom of experienced Delphi coders.

When I started this blog, I gave myself a few goals for the blog:

  • Share information on Delphi issues that may be useful to others
  • Give myself a voice to argue, hopefully respectfully, for Delphi features and code styles
  • Occasionally, provide in-depth articles on compelling features about RiverSoftAVG products where a blog format is more appropriate than a help topic
  • Hopefully blog often enough to make the blog useful

Now, obviously, a blogger won’t always be successful at this, and beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder.  But those are the goals I set myself and are the blogs I pay attention to. I have failed occasionally (and ironically this post probably fails these goals 🙂 ) but I try to uphold those goals.

Examples of blogs I like are Delphi Code Monkey and David Millington’s Parnassus blog.  There are quite a few Embarcadero blogs I like.  Of course, David I’s Sip from the Firehose is a go-to blog.  Other examples: Sarina DuPont’s blog is always full of in-depth articles about features of Delphi as are Pawel Glowacki’s and Stephan Ball’s.  Closer to the entertainment side, Jim McKeeth’s Podcast at Delphi is good. (Note that not all blogs I like are listed, these are just notable ones to me)

My go-to aggregator’s are Begin End and FMX Express.  Begin End is my favorite Delphi site.  If someone has a Delphi’s blog, it will show up there.  And if a blog shows up there too often or is from someone I dislike, I can quiet that blog.  However, I hate to do that.  I believe a person will probably, eventually write something useful.  Sadly, if a blog is stopping me from seeing useful and good blogs from other people though, it has got to go.  But I would much rather a blogger respect their readers and not have to go that route.

Well, now that I have gotten that off my chest, back to Coding blogs. 🙂  Happy CodeSmithing!

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