Greetings from a Delphi CodeSmith!

Welcome to the inaugural post of a Delphi CodeSmith!

To start, I wanted to let you know a little bit about myself and my background.  I have been using Delphi since almost the beginning (since Delphi 1 though I was not a beta tester).  I have gone through the various trials and tribulations of Delphi (16-bit to 32-bit, VCL.NET, Unicode Support, 64-bit, FMX and cross-platform, and now mobile) and its parent companies (Borland to Inprise to Borland to Codegear to Embarcadero).  Through the years I have had a lot of occasions to curse Delphi, but I have never lost that sense of wonder that I got the very first time I saw how easy it was to create visual applications.

I have been developing Delphi components since Delphi 2.  First for myself and friends, and finally for everyone with  Even more importantly, I have been maintaining Delphi components since Delphi 2, which requires a lot of patience, ingenuity and hard work. Hopefully, my experience with Delphi component development will make what I have to write worthwhile to you.

They say that “If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”  My coding toolbox has always had more than a hammer, but in my experience most desktop software would really benefit from the Delphi hammer 🙂  Seriously, Delphi makes coding fun.  I always love when the best solution is Delphi and I can convince the powers that be that I should use my hammer.

For my day job, I have been working at NASA since 1988, which I started right after college.  I have always been a software developer.  However, I have rarely been able to use Delphi at NASA, though not for lack of trying 🙂  I have developed in Fortran, C/C++, Ada, perl, CLIPS, Delphi, java, php, and javascript.  Currently, I work on the General Mission Analysis Tool (GMAT) project (it calculates burns and stuff to help spacecraft achieve their orbits and missions) and with the Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO).

That’s it for now.  Take care and Happy CodeSmithing!